ATWBeauty Hand Drawings

A good friend of mine Vicki Starr created these beautiful ATWBeauty pieces on her hand. This takes a great deal of talent and attention to detail. I fell in love with each painting.

Beauty  is defined by colors, nature and cultural traditions as Vicki captured. Beautiful work of art…

More of her work can be found on and be sure to follow her on FB and Instagram for magical daily art featured. @1vickistarr

Israel Dead Sea

Makeup History: In Israel “people swim in the Dead Sea,because the salt gets rid of toxins, and it has also been known to help cure skin diseases.

The dead sea borders Jordan and Israel. The salt in the water makes it impossible to have a living species call home… Its also the earths lowest elevation on land.The dead sea has been the supplier of a wide variety of products, from balms for Egyptian Mummifications.

The salt gathered from the sea are used in many skincare & cosmetic products. People travel from all over the world to cover themselves in the mud of the sea that is said to cure and relieve pain with osteoarthritis, and psoriasis.