Beauty for Mature Skin

Mature skin comes with all new challenges and issues. Focus on hydration from the inside out. Use moisturizer with SPF and always drink 8+ glasses of water a day.


Less makeup isn’t always better, but it’s really about feeling confident in your makeup routine.

Discover 3-5 easy makeup tips to make you feel beautiful.


1. Use a lipliner to outline your ideal lip shape. This will make your lipstick stay in place and also add dimension to your look.

2. Use loose translucent powder on your lips.   It works as a base for your lipstick.



1. I always recommend using a creme formula for concealer. It tends to go smoothly on most skin types.

2. Mix moisturizer with your favorite foundation. It creates a natural application

Dear Beauty,

A letter of appreciation to your beautiful self.

Take the time to acknowledge the beauty you are, perfect for every imperfect way. Look around you, notice the beauty of nature and the people filled of many cultures, diversity and colors. I love America because were all taught these values in school. Among the many places in the world we are representations of acceptance and beauty.


As a makeup artist Im always asked ” how can I look more beautiful ?” I always say feel beautiful, and you will be. Makeup enhances beauty, it doesn’t change it. We are readable creatures unable to fool the world and meant to radiate beyond the basic means.

Dear beauty know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and find someone that brings even more beauty to your life.


When reading about beauty from around the world the more confident I feel in my own beauty, and I hope thats what you can take away when reading the posts about how women embrace their heritage