Dominican Republic- a Caribbean Jewel of Beauty

The energy of the Dominican Republic (abbreviated DR)  is contagious with its vibrant culture and beautiful women.I visited DR in search of how to make coconut oil in their famous cacao farms and to learn about their beauty customs.

Did you know?

  • Cacao is the raw material for coconut oil and chocolate.

  • Aztecs have been using cacao as a part of their beauty regimen since 1500 BC.

  • Today, coconut oil is used in most beauty products to protect and heal the skin from burns, cuts, and stretch marks. It is also used to prevent hair loss.

  • Garlic cloves is used to remove nail stains

  • Coconut oil to prevent hair loss

  • One of the most well known Dominicans in America is actress Zoe Zaldana who is also half Puerto Rican

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