ATWBeauty: Inca Bath

Hey everyone tonights new episode takes place in Cusco, Peru as I discover the magic of sacred bathing. Since ancient times religions and cultures have believed offerings are sacred to manifest your hearts desires and that water carries energy. The Incas constructed their temples along the paths of sacred rivers, and use water as a power of purifing and giving new birth. 

Before bathing we learned about offerings and how they symbolize what we want to create in our lives.  Each offering is choosen with clear intention and represents  different meanings from  prosperity, wealth, good luck and, fertility.


Millions of travelers head to the lands of Machu Picchu every year but the true beauty lies in the beauty rituals found in places like the Inca Spa that  offers native water ceremonies for cleaning and purifying the body


Surrounded by coloured candles which signified the unity of love we were cleansed by the hands of our therapist honoring our goddess spirit.


 Inca baths are sacred as many consider water a purification tool for the soul.


Linda my travel buddy decided to take part in this beauty ritual. She was blessed with rose water filled with flowers and herbs onto her third eye.

Here you can see multicolored confetti (representing joy and the rainbow) as well as Flowers and plants that are used for their healing properties.


Legend has it that virgin girls would bathe in similar waters for purification as a coming-of-age before a wedding night or for ceremonial Inca beginnings. The young woman would be prepared with certain offerings to bring fortune, fertility, protection and other elements.

Sacred Bathing marks a rite of passage in many cultures but also works to lift the spirit and protect the body.You can create your own special baths at home using your favorite flowers and personal offerings.

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