Hot Springs South America

Throughout Central and South America, you will find many active volcanoes along the mountains of the Andes and all the way up through Costa Rica and El Salvador. The water that comes from the volcano is rich in minerals that help to relieve symptoms for many health conditions and works as an anti-inflammatory agent. The pools range from temperatures that include freezing cold to extremely hot.

For thousand of years, people have believed in the healing powers of the natural hot springs. They were the first original spa treatments in many areas around the world.  Its is believed that by shocking the body with freezing temperatures and then transitioning into hot water, you will stimulate your circulatory and lymphatic systems.


It works as a detoxing method for your body as the blood vessels expand and tighten during the process.

One of my favorite hot springs are the ones in Aqua Calientes which translates to hot waters located in Peru. It was a great way to relax the muscles after walking for 3 days to reach Machu Picchu.  The pools consist of 3-4 different pools that vary in temperature. Make sure to bring a bathing suit and a cover as you’ll have many local peepers.