Baja Palmera Indigenous Tribe

Its one of the most dangerous cities in Costa Rica due to the lack of employment,  but its also the home of a team of medics that travel everyday to provide medical services to indigenous tribes. Some areas have built clinics, but the doctors only work about three days out of the month at each location. I had the pleasure of joining the team on there everyday journey to heal and support these communities.

photo 1

I love arriving at bus stations. Its an overwhelming feeling of fear with excitement. Fear because of all the movies we watch that give us the idea that theres creepers waiting for naive tourists to arrive and excitement because no bus station is always the same. Ready to take a 3 1/2 hour bus ride from San Jose to the city of Bataan in Costa Rica, I was super pumped.

We had to take a 4×4 across lakes to get to the location as well as board all the medical supplies prior to leaving. They have to be ready for any injury or disease on site.

The view of the mountain were incredible but what blew me away was the amount of people waiting with children, and elders to receive the teams medical services.

IMG_9998The View

photo 5The view with the morning fog


Here is Dr. Christian Gomez Corrales (30) arriving at todays location Bajo Palmera. He works alongside 2 nurses Ana Marchena, Cindy Macotelo and a pharmacist Fausto Mora. Every year the doctor is switched out but the staff has been together for over 6 years.

I asked Dr. Corrales whats the worst accident he’s treated and he said a man came in with half his arm chopped off. Talk about anything goes ….

IMG_0018 2The sign in Window

photo 2 A home nearby the clinic

photo 4

Lunch room

It was such an honor to spend a day watching these heros do their daily job. I hope to definitely go back and learn more about other tribes they’re working with. The main language of this group is cabecar and they’re now becoming more modern with the world. I wanted to hear about beauty traditions but many of the women shared with me they keep their look minimal due to the lack of products and also staying true to their roots. Alot of the younger girls wore eyeliner and eyeshadow and uncut virgin hair. This tribe is one of the largest indigenous tribes in Costa Rica. They stretch from the San Jose coast to Panama.

photo 3