Mercado Central

A must see in Costa Rica is el Mercado Central (Central Market). This isnt your regular tourist attraction, this is as authentic as you get. There are countless vendors selling everything from home goods to hair ornaments as well as authentic restaurants where you can taste real Costa Rican food.


Its such a great experience and a must for anyone looking  to experience a day in a locals life.

Its also home to Costa Ricas 1st ice cream shop. A tasty dessert anytime of the day. Its called La Sorbeteria de Lolo Mora and its been around for 111 years.



Of course Im always on a hunt for beauty. Below are some of my favorite finds.

Recipe for Hair Loss


Shampoo Made of Plant Extract (Pure)


Paste a natural body scrubber that removes dead skin. Comes from the loofah plant so its 100% natural. 

IMG_9929Herbs, honey, shampoo, and natural products for everything beauty at this stand

Linaza a popular weight loss remedy. Mix with water and drink 3x a day to see fast results.


Found my authentic Tica Skirt, make sure you bargain you can get it down to 17 colones which is less than 40 bucks.