White Highlights Costa Rica

My favorite thing to do while traveling is get my hair colored. Its hard not to when you notice different trends that are popular around the world. While in Japan I decided to get the orange look that is made famous in Tokyo. This time in Costa Rica all the girls have this ash-grey highlight that makes the hair look white. After speaking to some of the locals I decided to try it. A friend of a friend took me to her Colombian hairdresser Gilberto to get the look. What do you think ?

 My orange ends from Tokyo

The Bleach

 Me and Gilberto

Foiling Process same as the States


Getting the Purple toner applied to cancel the yellow and create the perfect smoke color

la foto 1

The salon

la foto 2
The Final Look from Brassy to Costa Rican Beauty – It cost me 20 colones which is about 40.00 US dollars – What a Steal !!!

la foto 3

Is this trend popular anywhere else?