Life in Costa Rica

Today my day started with a run to the Pandaneria, which is a soda (corner store) where fresh bread is made daily. Bread, Natilla (heavy cream), eggs with hot dogs and Gallo Pinto ( the native dish in Costa Rica) are an everyday breakfast for Costa Rican Families. You might think that’s a huge meal but with the amount of walking done it’s a healthy boost of energy for the start of the day.( below is my mom enjoying the meal)

We went to la Feria del argicultor which is a farmers market but one of the biggest in San Jose.  It was such a rush of color and beauty with the dozens of different fruits making this market come alive.

Here are some of my favorite beauty finds Carambola Fruit- is used for remedies all over the world to prevent sunburn and also hangovers.  It was also said from the campesero (farmer) that it works for hair loss and keeps the hair strong and healthy. It’s a good source of antioxidants and vitamin C, which can help delay the aging process.

 Blackberries – used as a multi-purpose plant its seeds provide Vitamin C and protect the skin from free radicals. Works magic against wrinkles.

Kidney Beans- Protein, Iron and Zink are all found in Kidney beans making it one of my go-to beauty must haves. It promotes hair growth and has disease-fighting anti-oxidants making them the healthiest food to eat.

Kidney Beans Costa Rica Beauty Find

Kidney Beans Costa Rica Beauty Find

Pineapples- one of the best anti-acne treatments. Pineapples have been used in Central America for thousands of years to prevent swelling and reduce inflammation.  It also works great as a callus remover in the shower for the feet. Here is a link to a recipe


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