My three week tour of Costa Rica starting NOW



Its that time again where I feel the itch to travel and feel the unknown. Get lost without directions and just go with the flow. After spending most of last year traveling Ive learned so much about myself both good and bad. Ive learned that I like to be a tourist and visit all the famous landmarks but I also like to roam and not get attached to a plan. This time Im heading to my home country Costa Rica where I’ll be spending three week traveling 10 days with my family and then riding up the coast solo. Compared to friends vs family Im actually loving traveling with my family as they already know my ups and downs and put up with my adventerous pain in the ass.  I want to be honest traveling is incredibly overwhelming due to all the people you meet, the feeling that your lost, unsure if money will last and also just the questions of ” WTF Iam I doing” but I notice myself getting into these thoughts and saying one day at a time the best way you know how to- its perfection at its best. Do you have a motto that you tap into to break free of an emotion?

Its nuts how sweet people are in Costa Rica kids roam free without worry and I can get the best meal of my life for 1000  Costa Rican Colónes.

Here are some of my favorite current pics. – stay tuned for more beauty

Me and a cow along the road to Volcano Paos in Costa Rica. Sharing some love

1557724_10152293563274738_833352157_nJust some of the many food shots Ive been enjoying with my family

1743474_10152296723914738_1123562457_nThe atmosphere is colorful with such beauty that cant be replicated. 

1932265_10152289580844738_1867897414_nNatural Food Drinks- mhmm so good

1982147_10152289241399738_1218425451_nEnjoying time with the family 

10006937_10152289585674738_1969867424_nIn the Market enjoying my new job position as a Pineapple Vendor

10153766_10152294695489738_1114605581_nMe doing a beauty touch up on a handmade Mask by Artistans in C.R