Sasatinnie Snail Rejuvenating Face Mask

Snail Extract is no surprise to me as I grew up watching telenovelas with commercials on the magic of snail mucus. Never having tried it I decided to look more into it while I was in Ecuador and found some local markets who sold it by the jars. Not feeling confident about the ingredients I decided to pass on it but when I got back to the states I did find a snail cream that seemed legit. It was the La Bella Baba de Caracol Crema.

La Bella is the #1 cosmetics and beauty care line in the hispanic market and they take pride in their native ingredients. LaBella_Skin6Snail cream benefits the skin by

  • removing redness and pigmentation
  • hydrates and heals the skins wounds and blemishes
  • Advances cell reproduction

This formula contains collagen and aloe vera giving the skin all the nutrients it needs to repair itself and give you that glow your always looking for.

So why Snails? the slime is full of collagen, glycolic acid, antibiotics and compounds that regenerate skin cells.

Here is a picture of a snail cream with Angelina Jolie that I found at the craft market of Ecuador.


Snail cream has been popular for years in Asia and was religiously used among the greeks as a beauty must have.


My friend Mari Shten recently toured Asia and brought me back this incredible Snail rejuvenating face mask that I instantly fell in love with. photo 1-1

It was full of incredible ingredients like Angelica Gigas Root Extracts, and claimed that it would dissolve abnormal tissue and boosts new skin growth. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory to help control aging . Leaving the skin with the ultimate youthful glow. 

photo 2

I loved using it because I could feel the cooling sensation of the product really sinking into the skin. My skin felt tighter after but I think I would need a few more masks to start seeing a difference. Two thumbs up. Are you willing to try it ?

photo 3