Removing Eye Darkness with Turmeric

I’m going to show you how to remove blackness from around your eyes, making a homemade mask inspired by my trip to India. Turmeric has been used for centuries in southeast Asia for its skin brightening properties. This facial mask will brighten skin and make your face glow.

You’re going to need

  •  two tablespoons milk
  • two tablespoons chickpea powder
  •  one teaspoon turmeric
  • bowl

The first thing you want to do is, scoop one teaspoon of turmeric, two teaspoons of chickpea flour and two tablespoons of milk. Now, you’re going to mix it together and here is your amazing eye cream.

Now, with your ring finger, you want to apply to your eye area. The reason I use my ring finger, is because it’s the most sensitive finger that you have, it’s going to be the softest gentle touch.

You’re going to leave it on for 20 minutes and that’s it, just rinse off with warm water. You’re going to see incredible results. I highly suggest you do this before you go to bed, because it does leave a little bit of a yellow look to it. People in India use it all over their face, body or just on the eye area.