Lightening Dark Spots

Q. Do you have any remedies to lighten dark spots on the skin without chemicals?


A. On my travels, I’ve learned about the magic of lemons. The process does take some time, but the citric acid in lemons does have natural lightening components.

Many Thai women stay out of the sun, and there are even lotions available that claim to lighten up the skin.  A beauty standard there and in much of Asia is that pale is beautiful.

The Thais highly depend on natural ways to keep healthy against the sun and other ailments.  Herbs are used in all aspects of treating illness and retaining beauty.

Lemon Juice is a great natural skin lightener. Lemons will help with discolorations, acne, sunspots, and problem skin.

 It’s filled of Vitamin C and citric acid, which brightens dark spots, and is loaded with natural antioxidants. This is a popular beauty remedy throughout Asia and also Central American countries like Panama to lighten elbows and knees.

Caring for Dark Spots on the Darj Skin of the Knees & Elbows With Vaseline —powered by

Simple Beauty Regimen: Grab a lemon, cut it in half and rub it against the dark area. The more you use it the more you’ll see the areas lighten. Who would’ve thought?

Use it on your elbows and armpits to lighten the area and squeeze the juice onto q-tips for dark spots on the face.

Apply some Vaseline afterwards to add moisture for softness.