Ancient Art of Healing ” Hilot Massage”

An Ancient Filipino art of healing, hilot is used to de-stress and heal the body. It has been practiced for thousands of years and it’s considered the Philippine’s traditional massage.


Unlike the Thai massage, it is not meant to be relaxing. The hilot massage is all about pressure, slow strokes and the divine power which provides the energy of healing . It actually hurts!!

Prices vary from 9 USD- 35 USD for a 60-minute massage therapy. It’s based on the balance between hot and cold energies and releasing trapped air (negative energy) within your body/joints.This is accomplished by massaging with warm coconut oil.


“Lamig” is the art of locating the imbalance within your body by using banana leaves and suction cups. “Hilot” is a Filipino word used to describe the healer and the therapist and it involves a level of spirituality and intuition.  Prior to doctors, hilot is the oldest healing art in the Philippines and it is all about creating balance within the flow of energy in the body.


Benefits of Hilot

  • De-stress
  • Muscle Tension
  • Blood Circulation

Here Iam receiving a Hilot massage in the island of Boracay, which is a small island south of Manila (the capital) in June of 2013.


These were the charming bungalows on the second floor. It was off the main tourist road, and I basically just turned to one of the therapist offering massages on the beach and trusted in her. Im glad I did because she really made me feel great afterwards. Next time I hope to visit a more upscale location to get more of a traditional Hilot with Banana leaves and suction cups. This one was just with her hands. Her Iam with my Massage Therapist.