Brown Rice Skin Wash

Rice is a huge source of anti-oxidants that fight free radicals. Its rich in vitamin E to give your skin a beautiful healthy glow. I learned about this beauty ritual while traveling in Japan.

$(KGrHqQOKpkFGculBbsEBS(WLViuj!~~60_35 Brown rice water has been used for centuries in Asia espically among geishas. Its promote cell growth, slows down the aging process and stimulates blood flow – the perfect recipe to tighten pores and bring a glow to the face.


Your going to need

  • Organic Brown Rice
  • Water
  • Large Bowl
  • Small Container
  • Strainer

First grab your organic brown rice and add 1 cup to a large bowl.


Mix in equal parts of water.( 1 cup of water depending on how much you want to make) Start stirring until you see a white cloud arise on the top of the water.


Drain the rice into another bowl and there is your brown rice skin wash. Pour it into a glass jar and store it in the refrigerator and let it cool.


You can use it as a toner or a facial wash 2x a day to see the best results. Here is a video I did with Ehow on how to make it. Please comment .

Brown Rice Skin Wash — powered by ehow

Written by Stephanie Flor