Nautilus Beauty

What is Nautilus? A popular Filipino beauty brand associated with the perfect measurement of beauty.
The nautilus is a swirly sea shell considered to be nature’s most perfect proportion when measuring the dimensions of the shell. Two young scientists first discovered the anomaly 1978. They believe that the outer shell sprung forth the ideal scale of natural forms in connection with the universe. They constructed their idea with the number of lines in each chamber when measured and when divided by the previous number, it always ended up to be 1.6. Could it be that the cosmos influenced the perfect measurement of the shell?
It was also another example of the golden ratio expressed in nature’s cycle. It is the proportion that occurs naturally. Greeks used it in their architecture and Leonardo Da Vinci utilized this rule in many of his art works.
vitruvian man
This occurs in nature and is found everywhere from plants to animals. The golden ratio plays a role in human perception of beauty as well. Pythagoras realized that all forms in nature grow in patterns and the key to the measurement was the ratio of 1:1 1:68 .

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The ¾ : ¼ ratio of the nautilus shell is believed to be the essence of nature’s morphological proportioning.
Nautilus shells own their natural rhythm, grace, and harmony and for this Filipino brand, it defines the natural beauty of human nature. Here are some of their products below.
To learn more about beauty and the golden ratio, this 3-minute is entertaining to