What to Pack When You Are Beauty-Obsessed

You’re sitting there staring at an open, empty suitcase. You’ve booked your trip already and you’re excited, but now you have to complete the most difficult but necessary task of the trip: packing. We’ve all been there. We’ve all put off packing until the last second, but the Moxie girls are going to help you get through this difficult time to make your packing more efficient and less stressful. First, you should ask yourself the following questions to figure out what items you will be needing.

1. Where are you going? Will you be tanning? What kind of trip is this? Is it adventure, girls’ vacay, etc.

2.How long will you be there?

3. How easy is it to find mascara in case you lose it at your destination?

What I do know is, that no matter what, you will need….


Red Lipstick. No, this isn’t just about finding your love abroad; it’s about feeling good. Red lipstick conveys confidence and power. Every girl needs a pick-me-up once in a while. Whether it’s just to wear while hanging out with a small group of friends or for that fun, wild night out.

Face Wash- Soap isn’t going to cut it! With the change in climate, using a extra face wash loaded with vitamins and makeup-removing proprieties is key.

Moisturizer. You’re in a new city and the air changes. Protect your skin.

Black Liner. Perfect for a sultry, dark look. To add a sexy touch to an otherwise lighter makeup look, apply to your upper lash line and blend with your finger to create a little smoky eye look.

Pink/Coral Lipstick. Great for fresh beauty looks. Use your light lipstick for a natural look with a little flush of color on your cheeks.

SPF for Face and Lips. You’ve heard it over and over again-but believe me-you need it! During my recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I was so sunburned that I couldn’t go outside again until my skin healed. Reapply your SPF lotion hourly. You don’t know the sun’s power in different parts of the world. Bring two extra lip balms like Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment and mix it in with your regular lipsticks. Apply from morning to night: even if you’re in Sweden.

Written by Moxie Artists Stephanie Flor Edited by Karen Mowls