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The Famous and o so painful Thai Massage

I recently visited Thailand and discovered WatPo: one of the oldest and largest temples in Thailand.  This Bangkok temple, which is more commonly known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, is Thailand’s first open university. They allow people from all over the world to learn the ancient practice of Thai massage and healing methods.


Me at the Reclining Buddah

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient art of healing that dates back to over 2000 years ago. Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha is the founder of traditional Thai massage and was also part of the first Buddha’s Sangha. It is believed that he became friends with the Buddha because he was inspired by his teachings. He then eventually developed the massage method that led many Thais to consider him “The Father of Medicine.”


Buddhist beliefs are apparent in the technique, as each Thai massage is said to be a reflection of life. It’s a physical practice that applies love, kindness and compassion to both the giver and receiver.  Buddhism is based on living a life of compassion.  Thai Massage offers relaxation: relieving muscular fatigue, pain, tension and headaches. The massages improves circulation, while strengthening the immune system which promotes anti-aging and overall wellness of the body and mind.

Some of the classes that the center has to offer are:

  • Oil massage
  • Scrub sauna mask and waxing
  • Anti-cellulite massage
  • Infant and child massage
  • Thai medical massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Facial and foot massage
  • Women’s massage

The classes average about five days for each course and cost around 6,000 baht (about $193). The price usually includes text books.  This is a great way to learn a skill to help others for a pretty cheap price.  The funds are also helping out the Buddhist temple, which will earn you good karma points!

It was an incredible experience to  receive an authentic Thai massage within the temple of the Reclining Buddah. It was a bit painful but afterwards I felt full of energy and my body was lightweight. My instructor laughed as I snapped pictures of him grabbing and pushing but afterwards we shared a few laughs and he served me a cold green tea drink that made my experience that extra special.


 Me and my Instructor: Thailand Wat Pho and @360 Beauty Maven getting stretched

The room was jam packed with tourist traveling to get the REAL Thai massage and you could see everyone left a happy customer. One of my favorite discovers and I highly recommend you visit next time your in Thailand.

Are you loving these pictures?! Stay tuned for next week’s post on Around the World Beauty Adventure: Thailand “ The Fascination with The Long Neck Tribe”

Post & Photos by Stephanie Flor Edited by Karen Mowls