Around The World Beauty: Thailand

Long Neck Tribe 

Visiting the Long Neck Tribe while in Thailand was definitely a big priority. I flew up to Chaing Mai and visited the hill tribe of Padong in Northern Thailand. The visit was so worth it as I experienced this long-living beauty tradition that continues to inspire new generations with their heritage. People from all over the world visit to get a glimpse of the long necks and take part in their cultural ritual.


There is not just one reason why these women started this bizzare practice. Its said in their mythology that they started it to prevent tigers from biting them, and another story is that they started the tradition to make themselves unattractive to slave traders.


The belief I gathered by watching documentaries and books I’ve read was that they wear the shackles as a sign of beauty. A longer neck is attractive and will supposedly attract a wealthy husband. The most disturbing fact about the shackles is that if a woman is considered an infidel by the tribe, the shackles are removed, making her disabled. She must then spend the rest of her life laying in bed.


The women in the tribe sold scarves and souvenirs, which I gladly purchases in return for pictures and videos for my  I even bought my own brass coil shackle.


On my next visit, I plan to stay overnight at their tribe. Its said to be a once in a lifetime experience and they open your eyes to their unique way of living in the modern world. There’s something about women embracing their past traditions of beauty that always puts a smile on my face. That’s what around the world beauty is all about.

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Written by Stephanie Flor Edited by Karen Mowls Photos by : Stephanie Flor