Color and beauty

During my trip to India, I found a wonderful booked called the spiritual beauty care by Jacqueline Sinnige. It has such great beauty treatments that work on beauty from the inside out. Chapter 9 went into detail about ancient methods and therapies to remove obstacles which once released creates beauty.

One of my favorite methods was Aura Readings. You can find a local reader in any city near you, just make sure to read the reviews. These are people who are gifted with the power to see the color of your aura’s or able to see colors by looking at photographs .

The aura is an invisible sphere of energy around your physical body . It acts as a form of protection and holds your seven chakras. A good reader can see based on your Aura if there is a lack of balance in any of your energy cycles (chakras)The goal is to get the bodies energy flow to run smoothly for balancement and harmony.

Color Therapy also fascinated me. I have a friend named Rena who does food therapy based on the color of the chakras but I had no idea it could be used to alternate beauty, emotion and confidence in each of us. Color therapy is great way to restore the balance of energies. In the book it said that, ” colors are forms of energy which have a clear influence on how you feel and radiate”.  It said that the influence of light can effect a persons body odor. images-1