Costa Rican Beauty Tricks


Costa Rica is a beautiful paradise filled of biodiversity .

Being Costa Rican also known as a Tica, is an honor due to the laid back, free spirited culture we come from.

I have three secrets that my mom and aunts are always pushing me to do to grow old gracefully.

1. At night apply vaseline all over your face and rinse off the next morning with a warm cloth. Regardless of the thickness it keep the face moisturized beyond any night cream.


2. Turn to fruit when looking for the best face masks. Papaya and bananas are very popular in Costa Rica but women love applying it to their face before any big celebration. In a bowl grab papaya and using a spatula break it up and apply it to the face or you can blend it in a blender until it becomes a paste. Let it rest on the face for 20 minutes then use cold water to rinse off. The papaya is known as a tropical fruit that contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E, plus an enzyme that helps exfoliate and smooth the complexion.Its also known to whiten the skin.

You can also use the seeds if you would like. Seeds are very powerful.

3. Give yourself warm hugs….. Look in the mirror and yes hug yourself. Its simple but this one act is powerful enough to get the blood flowing.

Try it at home and let me know how it goes.