Importance of Self Care: India

Live in the present, and take care of your self said Dr.Geitha  Ayurveda Therapist from Rasa Ayurveda.

Understanding that today is the only day guaranteed make the choice to put yourself first, love every part of your body and know that every action has an effect espically good ones.

The importance of self care in India, is essential to their way of being. The women handle many parts of a household as in any part of the world but they always put themselves first because they are the most important goddess after all. “Self Love”

  • Time to get up should be 21/1 hours before sunrise
  • Take  a break ½ after sunrise
  • Cravings show the im-balancement of the body
  • When getting up turn to the right at all times
  • First thing you do when you wake up, you drink water
  • Release fat- push up the body
  • Relax for 10 minutes then go shower
  • Every day you should take an hour for yourself.

  • Have Dharma in your life- do good things in your life and beneficial to your society
  • Keep Good Company
  • Be Humble
  • Sleep east or south
  • Take only what is good for the life and best for your mind
  • Don’t fear death
  • Know yourself be in the right plane
  • Some people are always in the past and some are always in the future
  • Live peacefully in the present
  • Enjoy the life