“Devi” Goddess Beauty Inspired

  “Devi” Goddess Beauty Inspired

Goddesses are amoung the most sacred beings in India and Hindu Philospohy. The practice of praying to these beauties have been around for over 3000 years.

The stories of Attukal Devi the goddess of “mother love” who is said to deliver all wishes for a bountiful life and Lakshami the goddess of wealth and prospierty are amoung the most beautiful and well respected ideals of all time. The women of Kerala, and throughout India mimick their style of beauty.

Women of all ages practice the pure look of long untouched black hair, with minimal makeup that only focuses on creating deep dark eyes and brows. The body is adorned with henna art, bindis, and finger touches of colored powders from their daily praying practice. Culturally the most stunning tradition is the turmeric powder placed in between the eyebrows “third eye” as a symbol of protection and worship.

The turmeric is known to bring beauty to anything it touches. The daily self care approach to indian women is what really makes them au natural. They care for their bodies with special oils, and its said they take up to 1 hr focusing within through meditation, yoga, or beauty practices such as gum and eye washing.

Body purification is achieved through sweating, and digestion so any activity to promote such activiees are suggested weekly if not daily. Young girls are raised on traditions of these magical goddesses, stories of love and affection give a sense of completeness to what is to live for, feeling beautiful and powerful is created through a sense of belief and inner beauty.

Traveling from New Delhi to the southern tip of India in search of beauty was a realization of looking within and as the reds of their saris matched the red hair line from a Parvati Temple(goddess of love) it was more what they wore that catched my eye. The colorful patterns that as a beauty junkie I would’ve loved to  have see on their eyeshadow instead was on their clothes. It was a fairytale and any girls dream to dress up in such princess sari’s with a pierce dark liner. Boys and Girls smoke out their bottom inner lid using a special kajal that’s black as onyx.


The reason for its populartity to Kajal was said to protect the eyes and keep bad spirits away.

India, the place of  pure beauty of life is filled of family culture, belief in religion and respect to that history of beauty within.