Ayurvedic Beauty ” Eye Washing”

My favorite beauty traditions descends from India and the belief in Ayurvedic Beauty. It is a combination of holistic and science alternative to medicine.

Its said that 80% of people in India use either Ayurvedic or other traditional medicine rituals.

Eyes both perceive and reveal our beauty.Eye washing is a beauty ritual that rejuvenates tiny eye muscles. Mix Ayurvedic herbal powder (Triphala) which is a blood purifier and rinse your eyes with the liquid. Mix a teaspoon of Triphala in a glass of water and leave it overnnight, and in the morning strain water and wash your eyes with Thriphala water.
By washing your eyes and following a purifying routine suggested to be practiced only with a professional, your eyes will be brighter than ever and let your inner vision come forward.

Check your local Ayurvedic center for more information.